Each industry has its own language; its own technologies; its own requirements, culture and needs. We strive to deeply understand this, act accordingly and select our activities and technologies carefully and in close cooperation with the key players in each industry.

Creating synergies

There are synergies between all of our chosen industries and customers. Our group’s ability to gain an in-depth understanding and follow a specialized industry, coupled with an interdisciplinary holistic perspective, is what creates a competitive advantage for our customers.

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Mining & Minerals

Filtration in mining is one of JobGroup’s largest product categories. Working hand in hand with our customers, we deliver complete filtration systems and filters to this demanding industry.


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Water purification and wastewater treatment

As a world leader in the field of liquid filtering, dewatering and solid separation, JobGroup and our international partners can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

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Chemical industry

Our cooperation with the chemical industry is an important platform for developing existing and new products.

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Pulp and paper industry

JobGroup has supplied filter media to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years, covering the whole process

Development is ongoing and new qualities are being developed constantly to improve service life/capacity and function.

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Steel and foundries

Since our beginnings in 1963, Scandinavian steelworks and smelter plants have been one important and large area for JobGroup.

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Energy production

By energy, we mean all forms of energy production. This includes heating plants and what is referred to as waste-to-energy – combustion of different waste. All combustion produces particles and gas that need to be purified in order to minimize environmental impact.

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Food and drug

The pharmaceutical industry and the food industry have high demands for products that come into contact with substances manufactured for consumption or to be used internally. The products must comply with EU legislation for polymeric materials that are intended to come into contact with food and medicine.

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Police, military and safety

When nothing can be left to chance. In situations where your intervention can make the difference between life and death, every gram counts.

When the going gets tough, we produce textiles that save lives. Textile ballistic protection solutions that stop a bullet.

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Automotive, space and aircraft

The demands from the automotive, space and aircraft industries are very high indeed. High-quality technical textiles not only minimize the risks of unpredicted stops in the production line, but are also a matter of life and death in the use of the end product. As we develop our technical textiles in close collaboration with our customers, our R&D department can deliver the right solutions for these demanding industries.