About JobGroup

Our core business is supplying industrial cleantech and hi-tech textiles to customers working in specialist fields. Our vast expertise and experience are crucial factors when working in such a demanding industry.

We develop today
the filters of tomorrow

JobGroup is a total supplier of products, know-how and solutions based on advanced technologies and materials. We help our customers all the way from concept to finished engineered products based on their specific needs and requests. Working in close cooperation with our customers and strategically selected partners, we use all of our experience and technical expertise to develop, manufacture and market high-end filter equipment, elements and service, safety products and solutions, and high-tech technical textiles. Always having a high functional value for our customers in mind. Our key customers work within the processing and manufacturing industry, together with other users of products based on advanced textile materials. 

Industri-Textil Job was founded in 1963 by Jan-Olof Bornefalk, who named the company by using his initials – JOB. Since 2002, Rutger Bornefalk has been in charge of the family business that has grown into a global corporation, renamed JobGroup. Nowadays, JobGroup is a frontrunner in its field of business, showing continuous and steady growth.


A total supplier

JobGroup is one of the few  engineering and textile companies in Europe that keeps the entire production chain in-house – from the fibre to the finished product or complete filtration plant. Inside the group we have numerous experts and huge resources to use.

This centres us strategically with our customers, which include processing, manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies in the Nordic region and Iberia, the rest of Europe and worldwide.


– Jan-Olof Bornefalk establishes the company Industri-Textil Job

– Purchase of a Dornier weaving machine, marking the first step towards modern weaving.

– Ballistic protection technology

Weaving ballistic protection fabrics made of high-tech materials from Twaron was a huge step forward for Job. This meant dealing with high demands and no failures accepted.

– CAD Laser cutting technology

Job was the first textile company in the northern part of Europe using laser cutter to cut to fit at all times. This was a milestone for Cad – Computer Aided Design and made sure each filter cloth or piece of fabrics was cut exactly the same each time. At the time manual cutting was standard.

– Needling technology

Job invested in 2 full needling lines to be able to manufacture also needled fabrics to become a much more complete supplier of fabrics. Job is still the only Nordic company who has both a weaving mill and needling facilities. From Yarn to ready made fabrics and from Fiber to ready made needlefelts.

– Warping technology

Warping machine with automatic tension and breaking of the rotating drum. The modern warping machine made it possible to get the best possible warp for the weaving looms to create heavy fabrics.

– Automatic stitching line technology

First of the fully automized stitching lines – today Job has several of this inside the group – was installed in Kinna.

– Rutger Bornefalk becomes CEO

A new era in Job when the work to enlarge the group started by Rutger. This was a milestone to get the expansion of the group, which has been proved since then, to start.

– Group expansion start

SEK 55–60 million in turnover; the decision is made to grow – the new goal is set to a turnover of SEK 300 million. Start of the Group.

– Job Finland founded

The office in Finland is founded and the era of being a full integrated producer of complete filtration plants are started. Job have been selling filtration plants before this but this was a huge leap forward with making our own solution designed from scratch – from steel and fiber to zero emission of particulates into the air.

– Hot gas filtration technology

The largest filter unit in a gasification plant was built by Job Group in Lahti Energia together with our partners at the time. This was a milestone for filtration at elevated temperature with difficult gases in the world of gasification.

– Acquisition of Finsa , Spain

The company Finsa in Terassa, Spain was merged into the group.  The relationship with the family Bandrinas was established. This put JobGroup in a position of having two modern weaving mills to serve our end client world-wide.

– Acquisition of Ekomans Oy in Finland

By the merging of Ekomans Oy in Finland the product portfolio was enlarged with also scrubber systems for filtration of gases. This joined the 2 largest filtration plant manufacturors in Finland into one office.

– Acquisition of Processfilter in Sweden

By the merging of Processfilter in Helsingborg the Helsingborg office was created. This was a important merge to serve the Swedish industry and the process industry as a whole when it comes to dry filtration and removal of particulates in the air as well as the filtration of super adsorbents in the tissue industry.

– New offices in Skinnskatteberg and Kokkola, Finland.

A decision is made to set a new goal for a turnover of SEK 500 million in 2020.

– New office in Moscow, Russia

The creating of Industritextil Job LLC, a full Russian company under Job Group was an important step to maintain the support of the Russian process industries. Russia have since years been an important market for the group.

– Dioxin removal technology

The erection and start up of one large dioxin removal unit at Boliden AB, Rönnskärsverken was finished. This project ensured Boliden to always stay well below the emissions of dioxin. The results of cleaning was perfect!

– Acqustion of TP Filter

By merging TP Filter in Stockholm the office in Stockholm was created. Also the knowledge of disc filters and the repair of disc filter sectors was well improved inside the group.

– New cutting technology

A brand new hyper modern cutting line was installed in Kinna, Sweden.

– Automatic Stitching Line technology.

The world’s fastest stitching line for filter bags  was installed in Kinna, Sweden. The line is able to both make stitched seams, welded seams and seam sealing in  a remarkable speed.

– Weaving technology

Two modern Dorner looms are installed in Kinna, Sweden.


We shape
the future

Low emissions are the standard and the demands will be even higher in the future. The investments made today should therefore remain sustainable for decades. We have the knowledge and the products to achieve emission levels below 1 mg/m3 in continuous operation.


Our world
requires better

We understand that your priorities are your personnel and the productivity of your processes. Although these aims may seem to be in opposition, together we can find a solution that provides both a clean environment and higher productivity – not to mention a short payback time.