When nothing can be left to chance; in situations where your intervention can make the difference between life and death, every detail matters.

When the going gets tough

We produce textile that saves lives. Textile ballistic protection solutions that stop a bullet.

Body Armor.
We develop, manufacture and sell body armor to police, defense and security guards.

Tough requirements – business as usual.
We are accustomed to tough quality and tolerance requirements, custom solutions and product development. We lead the development of high-tech textile production and has delivered protection to satisfied customers in more than 15 years.

Developed by users – for users.
Design and function of our body armor and other protective products are the result of joint development. We work closely with clients such as the police, defense and heavy industry! The result meets your highest standards.

Maximum safety and comfort.
The right product made correctly, with the right technology and material combines maximum security with maximum comfort and usability! For both man and machine at work!

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Specialists in filtration: JobGroup is a leading complete supplier of clean‐tech filtration solutions where we separate dust/particles from gas or liquid in process- and manufacturing industries.

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Service & Maintenance

JobGroup service will make sure your business never suffer production downtime.

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JobGroup is a complete supplier of advanced technology and materials.


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