Specialists in filtration

JobGroup is a leading total supplier of cleantech filtration solutions that separate dust/particles from gas or liquid in process and manufacturing industries.

Make sure that your production is efficient and clean.

Make sure your production is effective and clean!

Cleantech filtration, total systems and solutions – make sure that your production is efficient and clean!
We understand that your priorities are your personnel and the productivity of your processes. Although these aims may seem to be in opposition, together we can find a solution that provides both a clean environment and higher productivity – not to mention a short payback time.


The future is here
Low emissions are the standard and the demands will be even higher in the future. The investments made today should therefore remain sustainable for decades. We have the knowledge and the products to achieve emission levels below 1 mg/m3 in continuous operation.


A strong reliable partner with a full range of products!
A job well done over the last 50 years – we are the leading supplier of filtration solutions in Scandinavia. With our own R&D department, engineering and production lines, we can ensure you the best quality.


Filter units, spare parts and service
We service and maintain your installations and train your operators. You can rely on us to deliver any hi-tech filtration solution and all types of filter elements, spare parts, and components to your filtration units independent of the manufacturer. We are the only supplier in Scandinavia manufacturing both complete filter systems and filter elements.

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Service & maintenance

JobGroup service will make sure your business
never suffers production downtime.

Non-stop production – full service

When we create a profitable solution for you, the service aspect is crucial. Thanks to our global organization, we can guarantee an efficient service plan for all of your production facilities. Efficient service at the right time builds value.

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When nothing can be left to chance. In situations where your intervention can make the difference between life and death, every gram counts.

When the going gets tough, we produce textiles that save lives. Textile ballistic protection solutions that stop a bullet.

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JobGroup is a total supplier of advanced technology and materials.


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