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New looms in Kinna

We are installing 2 new looms in Kinna from Dornier! This makes our production more flexible and we will have the most modern weaving looms possible for making filter media.

Job Innovation LAB

The R&D department inside Job have decided that we will develop a Innovation LAB. This means that we are collecting technical articles, future and present materials and a creative place to work with the future projects and innovations that will […]

The R&D Team has been reinforced

The R&D team have been reinforced in Sweden with one more textile engineer Anna Björkquist! Anna B have just finished her 6 month trainee as Development engineer at Job in Sweden. This means that Anna B reinforce our R&D Team. […]

New Senior Sales Manager

Tommy Turpeinen have been appointed Senior Sales Manager for the Swedish Sales team and Service team. Tommy has been working in the past for Job and are now returning to work with us. Tommy has experience of management and will […]

Tobias Lindberg appointed as Technica...

Tobias Lindberg have been appointed Technical Director for JobGroup. Tobias has always been part of the technical team of Job Sweden but have during the last years had the positon as Senior Sales Manager and Business Manager for filtration. Tommy […]

Anssi Rantala joins the Finnish Team

Anssi Rantala have joined our team in Finland! Anssi have a very long experience of liquid/solid separation – especially within the Iron ore mining industry. Anssi will reinforce our team in Finland on solid/liquid separation but will also join Job […]

New office in Skellefteå

We are opening a new office in Skellefteå, Sweden to serve our clients in the Nordic part of Sweden. The office will primarily work in the field of filtration, both solid/liquid separation as well as flue gas cleaning and particle […]