Mining and minerals

Filtration in mining is one of JobGroup’s largest product categories. Working hand in hand with our customers, we deliver complete filtration systems and filters to this demanding industry.

Specialized machinery for world-leading manufacturers

Specialized machinery for world-leading manufacturers

At our weaving department, we work with specialized machinery designed to produce the strong weaves required for the dewatering of abrasive sludge. We supply the world-leading manufacturers of machine tools for filtration in mining with products such as filter presses, disc filters and drum filters. This gives our customers access to ongoing developments as they happen, both for concentrates and tailings.

Our needling department produces needle felt for filtering process gases and flue gases. We also have a range for wet filtration products, like drum filters, in which needle felt is an important complement to the woven products. Here are some examples of the benefits enjoyed by our contract customers in the mining sector.

– Call-off warehousing at no extra charge

– Specially trained personnel in JobService

– Development contracts


How about paying for your filter media per tonnes of product produced? How much could you save by halving your downtime for filter replacement?



Since its beginnings in 1963, Industri-Textil Job AB has had Scandinavian minerals and cement companies among its customers. It is a collaboration based on mutual trust, where we inform each other of technical advances in this special area of activity. Examples including modified processes in mineral refining and cement production, new and improved materials and filter functions.

Our vast experience of handling particles in production of minerals covers different stages – from tough drier applications to simple dedusting systems for transportation belts.


Examples of products.

Filter bags for dust removal and flue gas cleaning

Complete bag house solutions

Cartridge filters

Ceramic hot gas filter units for elevated temperatures – up to 650°C

Ceramic filter candles

Filter hoses

Filter presses

Tube filters

Vacuum disc filters

Pressure disc filters

Filter cloths for any type of solid/liquid separation.

Leaktite® system for filter cloths

Optimization of the fit of cloths and filter elements/plates to enhance crossflow properties



Splitter protection curtains

Pneumatic conveyors and transport systems

Fluidizing cloths

Fluidizing transport systems

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Water purification and waste water treatment

As a world leader in the field of liquid filtering, dewatering and solid separation, JobGroup and our international partners can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

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Chemical industry

Our cooperation with the chemical industry is an important platform for developing existing and new products.

Our expertise is crucial. This sector uses many different types of filter equipment in dewatering and dust separation applications. Thus, the customers set high demands upon us in terms of understanding their processes and selecting the right materials.

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Pulp and paper industry

JobGroup has supplied filter media to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years, covering the whole process. Development is ongoing and new qualities are being developed constantly to improve service life/capacity and function.


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