Steel and foundries

Since our beginnings in 1963, Scandinavian steelworks and smelter plants have been one important and large area for JobGroup. Working closely with the industry, we have developed methods for processing and handling gases produced when making various metals as well as for handling the liquids connected to precious metal refining. Steel and smelter plants are often connected to our Mining and Minerals segment.

Function and commitment

By learning to understand the processes, we have developed a unique collaboration based on technical expertise and dialogue. All contacts are focused on functionality. Our commitment does not end when the filter media is delivered. Our sales engineers and our R&D department maintain an ongoing dialogue with the customer.

At the SSAB plants in the Nordic countries, we conduct a full survey of all filter systems from source to discharge. The survey includes process descriptions, flue gas analyses, an ongoing status check of filter material, flow and emission measurements, the creation of descriptions for regular maintenance, etc.

JobGroup is the natural partner for companies like Boliden and SSAB when it comes to removing hazardous components in the flue gases, such as dioxins and furans, large amounts of HF, HCl, SOx, NOx, etc. We will help you to meet your environmental demands and goals.

Do you want to minimize operational costs and make the process flow easier? We have conducted studies in the use of hot gas filter units to filter at elevated temperatures – e.g. up to 650°C – to make sure that the process of making various metals can be simplified.

Taking function as the starting point makes it easier to work with the filter systems in the foundry in the long term. Function can be optimized with a full survey, where we follow the development and function of the filter system.

We analyze the function by asking the following questions:

– Which process needs to be filtered – foundry sand preparation, melting furnace, etc.?

– What experience and operational factors are there?

Each part of the process is unique. The type of foundry (for example, steel or iron) is important, as is the method of casting used. JobGroup has the experience, expertise and resources to conduct this survey along with you, the customer.

What can we do for you?

Examples of products

Filter bags for dust removal and flue gas cleaning

Complete bag house solutions

Cartridge filters

Ceramic hot gas filter units for elevated temperatures – up to 650°C

Ceramic filter candles

Filters hoses

Filter presses

Tube filters

Vacuum disc filters

Pressure disc filters

Filter cloths for any type of solid/liquid separation.

Leaktite® system for filter cloths

Optimization of the fit of cloths and filter elements/plates to enhance crossflow properties



Splitter protection curtains

Pneumatic conveyors and transport systems

Fluidizing cloths

Fluidizing transport systems

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Water purification and waste water treatment

As a world leader in the field of liquid filtering, dewatering and solid separation, JobGroup and our international partners can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

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Mining and minerals

Filtration in mining is one of JobGroup’s largest product categories. Working hand in hand with our customers, we deliver complete filtration systems and filters to this demanding industry.

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 Pulp and paper industry

JobGroup has supplied filter media to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years, covering the whole process.

Development is ongoing and new qualities are being developed constantly to improve service life/capacity and function.


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