Food and drug

The pharmaceutical industry and the food industry have high demands for products that come into contact with substances manufactured for consumption or to be used internally. The products must comply with EU legislation for polymeric materials that are intended to come into contact with food and medicine.



Full array of filters for food and drugs

There are many different processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries – everything from sugar production and raw sugar juice to blood-thinning medicines. Naturally, our materials and products meet all standards for FCM- Food contact materials- both according to EC 10/2011 (regulation/directive), FDA, other legislation in countries outside the european union and good manufacturing practice (GMP), which is a requirement.

When it comes to food and pharmaceuticals, filtration is a very important step in the manufacturing process for both dry and wet products. In our product range for food and drugs, we can offer everything from complete filtration plants to specially developed textile products – both filter media and other products – where every gram counts. We have a specially developed product – Leaktite ® – that provides completely dense filter presses, which is a must in filtration. We also cooperate with our largest customer in the GEA Engineering sector, where we supply specially developed materials. Through our partnership with GKD, we can supply excellent products for furnaces, such as iron strips woven in stainless steel.

Examples of products

Filter bags

Cartridge filters

Filters hoses

Filter presses

Pressure tank filters


Filter cloths for any type of solid/liquid separation

Leaktite® system for filter cloths

Optimization of the fit of cloths and filter elements/plates to enhance crossflow properties

Centrifuge screens

Sieve cloths



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Water purification and waste water treatment

As a world leader in the field of liquid filtering, dewatering and solid separation, JobGroup and our international partners can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

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Mining and minerals

Filtration in mining is one of JobGroup’s largest product categories. Working hand in hand with our customers, we deliver complete filtration systems and filters to this demanding industry.

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Pulp and paper industry

JobGroup has supplied filter media to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years, covering the whole process.

Development is ongoing and new qualities are being developed constantly to improve service life/capacity and function.


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