Energy production

By energy, we mean all forms of energy production. This includes heating plants and what is referred to as waste-to-energy – combustion of different waste. All combustion produces particles and gas that need to be purified in order to minimize environmental impact. Our filters can clean these gases very efficiently and also take care of substances such as dioxins and furans.

We are on fire

With JobGroup, it doesn’t matter what fuel you use. We have satisfied end customers and machine tool manufacturers in all segments of the energy sector. Finding the right filtering solutions generates significant savings in energy production – something more important than ever in the current global situation. High quality materials and the right service are a winning formula both for your company and the environment.

In our Energy segment, we also have a section focused on gasification of fuels to create so-called “syngas”, where the gas can be burned to create electricity – an area with great potential for the future for the production of energy with minimal environmental impact. For gasification to work well and at a reasonable cost, filter installations are needed that enable filtration at high temperatures (up to 650°C). We have a complete range of hot gas filters that can handle this with a very high degree of separation.

Lahti Energia, the largest plant in the world to gasify biofuels, is located in Finland. It is the world’s first power plant to run solely on gasified recycled waste. At Lahti Energia, we built the hot gas filter that makes it possible to convert the gas into electricity.

Our service team is always ready to go out and help our energy customers deliver heat and electricity.

Ash handling is one part of a complete boiler plant, and we provide different solutions in this area – both fluidizing transportation and pneumatic conveying.

Examples of products

Filter bags for dust removal and flue gas cleaning

Complete bag house solutions

Cartridge filters

Ceramic hot gas filter units for elevated temperatures – up to 650°C

Ceramic filter candles

Filters hoses

Filter presses

Tube filters

Vacuum disc filters

Pressure disc filters

Filter cloths for any type of solid/liquid separation.

Leaktite® system for filter cloths

Optimization of the fit of cloths and filter elements/plates to enhance crossflow properties



Heat protection curtains

Pneumatic conveyors and transport systems

Fluidizing cloths

Fluidizing transport systems

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Food and drug

The pharmaceutical industry and the food industry have high demands for products that come into contact with substances manufactured for consumption or to be used internally. The products must comply with EU legislation for polymeric materials that are intended to come into contact with food and medicine.

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Police, military & safety

When nothing can be left to chance. In situations where your intervention can make the difference between life and death, every gram counts.

When the going gets tough, we produce textiles that save lives. Textile ballistic protection solutions that stop a bullet.

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Automotive, space and aircraft

The demands from the automotive, space and aircraft industries are very high indeed. High-quality technical textiles not only minimize the risks of unpredicted stops in the production line, but are also a matter of life and death in the use of the end product. As we develop our technical textiles in close collaboration with our customers, our R&D department can deliver the right solutions for these demanding industries.


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