Automotive, space and aircraft

The demands from the automotive, space and aircraft industries are very high indeed. High-quality technical textiles not only minimize the risks of unpredicted stops in the production line, but are also a matter of life and death in the use of the end product. As we develop our technical textiles in close collaboration with our customers, our R&D department can deliver the right solutions for these demanding industries.



High performance

We work with carbon fibre, para-aramids, PBO (Zylon) and other high-performance materials that can provide the benefits mentioned above. For the automotive industry, the transition to other platforms and other motorization (electric drive) is associated with new challenges, where formable composites have a natural place. However, traditional treatment of bodywork will still be needed, and filtration is still a part of such processes. We are involved in developing the materials of the future for the manufacturing processes in the vehicle industry, working with both component manufacturers and producers of the vehicle itself.

Examples of products

Filter bags for dust removal and flue gas cleaning

Complete bag house solutions

Cartridge filters

Filters hoses

Filter presses

Filter cloths for any type of solid/liquid separation.

Leaktite® system for filter cloths

Optimization of the fit of cloths and filter elements/plates to enhance crossflow properties



Heat protection curtains

Welding robot protection

Pneumatic conveyors and transport systems

Fluidizing cloths

Fluidizing transport systems

Special materials for vacuum forming

Special textile materials for vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft

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Water purification and waste water treatment

As a world leader in the field of liquid filtering, dewatering and solid separation, JobGroup and our international partners can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

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Chemical industry

Our cooperation with the chemical industry is an important platform for developing existing and new products.

Our expertise is crucial. This sector uses many different types of filter equipment in dewatering and dust separation applications.

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Pulp and paper industry

JobGroup has supplied filter media to the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years, covering the whole process.

Development is ongoing and new qualities are being developed constantly to improve service life/capacity and function.


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